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Job ads by: employers, recruitment agencies and job seekers in Perth are free online in Perth in the free classified job advertisement section of the Perth online FORUM (some IP ranges are blocked because of forum spamming)

Jobs in Perth Western Australia are plentiful if you are experienced, qualified and connect with the right Perth job consultant. Find a job in Perth by searching the job advertisement section of the Perth online forum.

Migrant Workers Impact Australian Youth Jobs
Report by "Centre for Population and Urban Research" CPUR

The effect of the 2020 pandemic on Australian employment rates:
2020 Employment rate Australia
Effect of the 2020 Covid crisis on unemployment rates in Australia:
Effect of the 2020 Covid crisis on unemployment rates in Australia:
Australian jobs data source: ABS

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If you are a recruitment agency consultant in Perth you can add value to your client's event, free of charge in the Perth Calendar of Events. Why? Because it's first on majors search engines for the phrase "calendar perth"  Can you afford $7 per week advertising your job training or job placement firm in PerthPerth? Job ads on the HOME page are even less. You can either advertise discount direct with statistics or via a media buyer/broker such as Google's Adwords. DIRECT job advertisers with PerthPerth can offer a 15% discount for listing their clients' jobs in our Perth directories in the right category. Eg if you're advertising jobs in the mining or oil and gas industries you can list them in this Job Ads Perth Forum for free or for a small fee on this "jobs Perth" webpage. Benefit to the jobs centre. It's well positioned on major search engines. Benefit to you: Kudos or if you want and or income by packaging your job matching services with directory advertising
Contact phone number for SEO expert Ben if you are a jobs consultant in or near Perth is 0418958799. I ran "Hot Jobz" in the Goldfields mining industry in the late 90's, after being involved in the academic side of minerals processing, which helped get 92% of long term unemployed locals into mining jobs. With experience in both the mining industry and oil and gas industry I'm happy to continue consulting to recruitment firm job consultants (some of which are listed for free above for a few months) only but not job seekers.

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