Social Media Marketing Training Perth

Short Course in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing training in Perth WA is an essential part of web marketing strategies. Begginers need understanding and skills to implement social media marketing or social media optimisation (SMO as it is also known as)

In the Social Media Marketing short course we will teach students:

  • Why social medial marketing has evolved, in only recent times, as an important peer to peer marketing tool.
  • What social media marketing is particularly suited to.
  • When to use social media marketing.
  • How to use social media marketing.
  • Different types of social media marketing. If you don't know the difference between Like, Follow, Join, Share, re-tweet
  • Social media marketing software.
  • Social media marketing statistical analysis.
  • Popular social media sites: FaceBook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Bookmarking Perth sites in Stumble Upon, etc.
  • Perth forums.

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