PowerPoint training Perth

PowerPoint training for professional presentation software producing and displaying multimedia "slides" on computer monitors and digital projectors. Ideal for teachers and marketing people or anyone wanting to convey attention getting ideas to a meeting.  It's fun and easy.

  • PowerPoint design basics. Cramming, the common PowerPoint design mistake.
  • Master Slide
    • Background
    • Placeholders
    • Formatting
    • Changes
  • Title Slide
  • Bullets
  • Tables & Boarders
  • Shortcut keys, eg Ctrl+M for new slide,
  • Multi-media
    • ClipArt
    • WordArt
    • Video
  • Graphs
  • Organisational charts
  • Animation
  • Links:
    • Pages
    • HyperLinks to web pages
  • Importing from Word
  • Outline
  • Templates
  • Printing


powerpoint training Perth

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