Google+ Training Perth

While Google+ is not as popular in Perth as Twitter nor Facebook, it has better implication for the Google search engine, which is why, if you're not familiar with using Google+, you should invest in Google+ training in Perth WA.

Google+Google+ is a bit different than other social media, which is why if it is doing your head in, it's a good idea to come into our Perth northern suburbs training centre at Trigg to lean the basics of Google+ or get more advanced tips such as formating and latest Google+ information such as what to do with your Google+ rel authorship tag on your web pages.  Yep, you can connect your web pages with your Google+ page. After that the more, good activity such as +1s, non-spammy posts, shares, follow, circles, etc you get, the better your web pages perform on the Google search engine. If you don't know the difference between a:

then you should come to our Trigg training centre for basic Google+ training in Perth.

Basic Google+ Training Tips:

Google+ Posting Tips

  1. Use keywords like the word "perth" in your headline post.
  2. * (star) either side of a headline makes it bold.
  3. Link to your site.
  4. Get people to +1 your post (=FB like) and share your post.
  5. Use an interesting photo or video or slideshow. (We can also teach you within 20 minutes how to make a free Google slide show).
  6. Start photo "collections". Some people don't want to follow all of what you post but just one of the many interests you have in your "Collection" of photos, videos etc?
  7. Avoid long URL's in posts by using to post a short URL.
  8. Use # hash tags but don't over do them.
  9. Post to Google+ open communites about Perth.
  10. Search "Alt codes" for keyboard combinations to add symbols to your posts. Eg: Alt+14=♫ and Alt+16 = ►.

Use rel tags or a Google Badge on your web pages.

With hands on training, learn things like:

Google Plus training in Perth is @ $66 per person. See enrolments for training discounts.

Once you take the initial frustration out of learning Google+ in Perth, it will be enjoyable and rewarding social media markeing with benefits for business too.