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Professional search engine marketing in Perth connects your sales information with customers searching for what you sell. A must read for search marketing if you have a Perth website lost in Cyberspace.


Search engine marketing is pay per click (PPC) marketing for search engines rather than paying another non-search engine type of site. Search engine marketing is NOT SEO nor any other type of digital marketing.


Search engine marketing prices come from 3 costs:

  1. The cost per click rate that search engines charge.

  2. The search engine marketing management fee that search engine marketing companies in Perth charge and...

  3. their profites.

One way to reduce your search engine marketing costs is to come in for training so that you can manage search engine marketing for your Perth business. If not you can always hire us to do search engine marketing in Perth for you. We don't subcontract to overseas search engine marketing companies.


  1. $100 one time, admin and account setup fee.

  2. $300 one time search engine marketing campaign setup:

    1. Keywords research

    2. Filtering, setting target market/demographics such as only Perth.

    3. Ad design

    4. Setting the pay per click budget you're bidding for.

    5. Setting and prioritising times when your ads show to your target market.

  3. $400 If you don't already have a landing page, then optional SEO of a landing page for good "quality score". The higher the quality score the cheaper your pay per click rate. Your ads link to your landing page/s.

  4. $140 per for 2 hours per month search engine marketing campaign improvement. Includes more keyword research, competitory analysis to see what how much money per phrase they are bidding for, filtering etc.


What is search engine marketing is good for?:

  1. Short term events such as promotion of a weekend concert. No use investing in long lasting SEO for short run events.

  2. Buying instant, targeted traffic to your site.

Search engine marketing is expensive. Better long term value, if you're not in a hurry, can be gained from SEO in Perth.

  • Drive pre-qualified customers to your Perth site
  • Build your Perth business faster
  • Get started and be found TODAY
  • Increase your website revenue
  • Testimonials from Perth search engine marketing clients.
 What Next

1. Select a Search Engine Marketing Plan

HINT: The more you invest in search engine marketing strategies the better the results. We'd love to be able to tell you how to get a gazillion visitors for five bucks but the reality is it takes time and effort. The more you invest in search engine marketing with our Perth professionals, the better chances you have of top search engine position.

EG, if you're in a competitive market such as accommodation, then a lot of work needs to be done to even begin competing in search engine ranking wars against some of the large established hotels / agents

. Professional Perth search engine marketing consultant will review your site and report www (world wide winning) search engine marketing strategies for your Perth site.

3. If you are still confused after your first 15 minutes of free search engine marketing consultation at our Perth office, start your search engine marketing investment by opening a search engine marketing consultation account.
 After Search Engine Marketing

Consider other forms of digital marketing in Perth such as:

  1. SEO

  2. Social media marketing

  3. Map marketing

  4. Video marketing

  5. Google My Business (GMB) improvements

Most search engine marketing plans go through smoothly the first time but if there is a problem, be prepared to wait... unless you are willing to pay hundreds TO EACH Search Engine for express search engine registration!

The best search engine marketing service follow-up to visitors to your website is to have an opt-in ezine - an online newsletter sent from your Perth based business.

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