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Mining consultants are based in Perth because of the good quality of life for their families. Many fly in and out of Perth airport to towns, mine sites and exploration areas of Western Australia.  Many expert mining consultants in Perth work on well paid contracts for large Perth based, international mining companies. Daily new mine workers and mine consultants arrive from mining centres world wide to stake their claim to part of the current mining boom in Western Australia flowing into Perth.

There are many different types of mining consultants in Perth. Listed below are some mining consultant categories which come to mind and might be a useful start for students deciding to study mining in Perth Western Australia.

Mine Maintenance
Exploration Geologists
Pit Geologists
Mining Engineers
Extractive Metallurgists
Aboriginal Herritage Consultants
Corrosion Protection Consultants
Mine Planning Consultants
Mine Schedualling Consultants
Mining Law Consultants
Native Title Consultants
Assay Consultants
Mine Managment Consultants
Transport Consultant
Drilling Consultants
Ore Sampling Consultants
Mining Investment Consultants/Stockbrokers
Civil Engineers
Plant Engineers

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Mining Consultant Perth
Ben Grummels at the WASM Minerals Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy Labs

Machinery Plant and Equipment Engineers
Occupational Health and Safety Consultants
Mine Site Rehabilitation / Environmental Consultants
Geographical Information Systems GIS Consultants
Chemical Engineers
Process Control Consultants
Crushing and Grinding Consultants
Mine Laboratory Consultants
Grade Control Consultants
Mine Catering Consultants
Mine Surveying Consultants
Prospecting Consultants
Underground Mining Consultants
GeoTechnical Consultants
Minerals Engineers
Communications Consultants
Process Engineers
Project Managers
Mine Feasability Consultants
Computer Consultants
Mine Design Consultants
Minerals Economics Consultants
Human Resorces Consultants
Stores & Logistics Consultants
Perth Crane Hire
Financial Consultants
Geophics Consultants
Open Cut Mine Consultants
Mine Training Consultants
Resource Estimation Consultants
Prospectors / Exploration Consultants
Non-destructive Testing Consultants NDT.
Mine Planners
Mining Project Managers

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