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Bicycling Perth's Rivers

Cycling Perth's Swan River with Jon my 9yo, inspired me to develop this Perth cycling web.  I grew up bicycling Perth's hill suburb of Darlington, cycled for transport most days on Aitutaki for a decade but coming back to Perth I began bike riding up and down Perth's Sunset Coast because it was less boring than the knee rehabilitation gym after 3 operations.  The best bike thing was getting a bike rack for the back of my car.  We soon figured that bicycling around Perth's rivers and lakes is flat, interesting and easy.  I feel like a tourist in my home city of Perth. With the cold of winter making surfing Perth beaches less attractive, turning to bicycling has led to a discovery of how beautiful Perth waterways are.


Bicycling Perth CBD Swan River

The closest point on the Swan River CBD bicycling trip is the best. We started bicycling near the Narrows Bridge, along the Esplanade of Perth's CBD, past the Causeway bridges, Windan Bridge, past Burswood, and along the South Perth foreshore.

bicycling perth

Cycling Perth's Canning River

We started at the Mt Henry Bridge, Shelley Bridge, from Curtin University along the Canning River to Aquinas, and back to the Mt Henry Bridge.  Living and working on the Sunset Coast, I never realised how beautiful south of Perth along the Canning River is.

bicycle riding canning river Perth

Bicycling Perth - Fremantle - Perth

After surfing Scarborough Beach this morning we ate lunch on the bank of Swan River at Claremont.
sailing club Perth

Riding Perth Mossman Park
Most of Perth's bicycling along rivers is flat though this view at Mosman only a few kilometres from the Indian Ocean is worth bicycling up

Bicycling Fremantle streets was a very interesting cycling tour a few weeks ago in this historic port city. More of our Fremantle cycling trip later. Perth bicycle routes away from busy streets from Fremantle to Perth were well sign posted. Cycling around Perth lakes such as Lake Joondalup and Herdsman Lake are flat and environmentally interesting

We consulted the Map of Perth, planned our trip with the regular strong sea breeze in mind. The boy with his 10 speed racing bike flew with the wind along the Melville foreshore south of Perth.

After bicycling over the Narrows Bridge we turned west into the sea breeze for out last leg. The sailing blood of my genetically Dutch / Polynesian son stopped us by the old Perth Swan Brewery where the 1606 tall sailing ship Duyfken is birthed.

Cycling Perth's Lake Joondalup

Wonderful, flat 12km bicycling in Perth's Sunset Coast.

bicycle riding Perth lakes
Bicycling on Perth's flat coastal plain is good but the wildlife such as swans and long neck tortoises at lake Joondalup are a bonus.

Riding to Duyfken
After Bicycling from Fremantle to Perth the many interesting rest stops were good for this Polynesian / Dutch sailor in Perth.
view of Perth's swan river
Bicycling over the Canning Bridge and along the Kwinana Freeway made me wonder why fit people would want to dive a car to commute to work in the Perth CBD?
riding lake joondalup
Cycling to Perth's
Northern Lake Joondalup

Bicycling Perth's Herdsman's Lake and Lake Monger:

If you're looking for a short bicycle riding tour in Perth, Lake Monger 5km north west of the Perth CBD is flat and takes about 15 minutes cycling.

bicycle riding lake Monger

Bicycle riding in the fall
Biking lake Monger West Perth in Autumn

bicycle comuting Perth
Lake Monger still from our Perth tourist DVD

If you add nearby Herdsman's Lake to your Perth bicycling tour add 40min.

Cycling Perth's Kings Park

Perth is fortunate to have such a large public park, on  a hill, so close to the central business district of Perth.  There are 2 bicycle routes in Kings Park. One easy riding the other hilly. Consult the free Perth bicycling map by BikeWest and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. Available at many Perth bicycle shops.

bicycle touring kings park Perth

Bicycling Perth's Swan Valley

Start your Swan Valley, (Perth wine region) bicycle riding trip at the information Centre in Guildford where you can get free bicycle touring information / maps.  There are some very bicycle unfriendly sections without the quality bike paths the rest of Perth have.

rowing 8 Perth
Perth Rowing, Guildford Bridge.

Cycling Perth's Sunset Coast

cyclist Perth

For us, living at Scarborough Beach means frequent surfing and Perth bicycle riding up the Sunset Coast to Hillary's Boat Harbour and south to Perth's City Beach.  Like most of Perth's bicycle paths, it is dual access but bicycle accidents do happen so watch out for children and dogs. Dogs: please keep your careless owners a short leash.

Sunset Coast Cycle Path

Off Road Cycling Near Perth

Munda Biddi Trail, nature based. The longest off road cycling track froZm Perth to Nannup in the forests of south Western Australia

Not only is Perth bicycling fun and healthy but an environment and fuel and saver. Drinking water fountains are available while bicycling around Perth rivers but bring money just in case.  I find bicycling through the much improved Perth bicycling paths is delivering empowerment to Jon and bring back fond memories of cycling all over Perth in my youthful days. Bicycling is also providing early practical road rules Perth training for cotton wool kids.

Cycling facts

  • 108,799,200. bikes are made each year.  There are two-and-a-half times more bikes produced annually than cars. 87 per cent of global bicycle production is from China, India, the European Union, Taiwan, and Japan. 60 per cent of the world’s bikes are made in China but in Beijing, only 20 per cent of commuters rode bikes in 2002, compared to 60 per cent in 1998.

  • the number of bicycles sold in Perth Australia has outstripped the number of cars sold for nine consecutive years.

  • according to the Australian Bicycle Council, the cost of buying and maintaining a bike is about one per cent of the cost of buying and maintaining a car.

  • There is an estimated billion bicycles in the world, with nearly half of them in China.

  • the Canadian Automobile Association calculated the annual cost of running a car minus the cost of a bicycle and estimated that if just half of the people who bought a bicycle within a year were able to stop using their car they’d have an additional $5,000-$6,000 of disposable income. (Australian Bicycle Council) say cycling just 10 kilometres each way to work instead of driving saves about $770 in transport costs and 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. (Australian Bicycle Council).  Cycling in Perth not only saves Perthites money and air quality but also keeps you fit and healthy.

Cycling groups and cycling clubs in Perth can contact me for a free link from this cycling webpage to their cycling in Perth website.

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