Cheap WiFi Phones Australia

cheap phone calls Australia

  • Cheap mobile phone calls Australia
  • Cheap landline phone calls Australia
  • Cheap long distance phone calls
  • Cheap phone calls to anywhere in the world from Australia or your roving mobile while overseas.

This is not Voice Over IP (better than VOIP ). Uses new WiFi telephone technology and existing telcos where overseas phone prices are cheaper.

Skype, CHEAPEST phone call organisation in the world. Free Skype calls when in range of any wireless computer network.

Cheap Australian Phone Calls

You can use your Cellular/Mobile phone and connect to a Landline phone in any of the depicted destinations around the globe for 5c a 30 second Unit.

Use your Cellular/Mobile phone or Skype WiFi phone and connect to a Cellular/Mobile/Landline phone for 5c a 30 second Unit in the big 6:

  • Cheap Cell Phone Calls to Canada
  • Cheap Cell Phone Calls to China
  • Cheap Cell Phone Calls to Malaysia
  • Cheap Cell Phone Calls to Singapore
  • Cheap Cell Phone Calls to U.S.A.

Even Cheaper with free Skype to Skype calls and cents Skype Out to any landline or mobile.

iPhone Downloads

cheap phone moblie phone calls australia VOIPPhone calls are even cheaper from your PC

Australia - Landline 4c, Canada - Landline & Cell 3c, China - Landline & Cell 3.5c, Hong Kong - Landline & Cell 3c, Italy, Netherlands, Norway (Landline) 3.5c, Singapore - Landline & Cell 3c, UK - Landline 3c and the USA - Landline & Cell 3.5c etc.

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