Advertise Restaurant Perth

Advertise on Restaurant Perth

Banner Advertising
In addition to your firm's standard listing(s) on Restaurant Perth, a Banner Advertisement is also an effective way to increase online visibility. When a visitor to Lawyer Perth searches in your practice area, potential clients will see your firm first.  Just one click will bring them directly to your full Page listing.  Prominently displayed at the top of the page you choose (subject to availability), your Banner will gain higher exposure.

Type of Banner (Monthly Payments)
Advertising Terms
Price per Month
Full colour banner
1 - 3 Months
$ 27.25
Full colour banner
4 - 6 Months
$ 37.25
Full colour banner
7 - 12 Months
$ 49.75
Full colour banner
13 Months +
$ 62.25
Type of Banner (PPL/PPV)
Aprox. Monthly
Full Colour Banner
$ 22.00
HD Colour Banner
$ 33.00
Streetview of your Restaurant in Perth
$ 44.00
Your 10minute
Video clip / TV Ad
(Per View)
$ 70.00

*Note that approximate prices may not be close to actual price (On estimate that 100 people will click on an advert per month)